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What happens when I downgrade or cancel my paid plan?

When you downgrade your VideoAsk account to a lower subscription tier or cancel your paid plan altogether, changes will come into effect at the end of your prepaid period. 

Your downgrade will take effect at the end of the month or year according to your sign-up or subscription date and depending on whether you're on a monthly or annual plan.

All our plans (yearly and monthly) are recurring. If you want to cancel your paid plan or downgrade to a lower tier, please make sure to do so before your prepaid period ends so you're not charged for another month or year.

Note: If you cancel your paid subscription you'll automatically be downgraded to our free Start plan. You'll still have access to all the videoasks you've created in your account but paid features included in them may be affected or removed. Keep reading for more details.


💡 Tip: You can check your current usage and manage your plan from within your VideoAsk account.

If you're signed up for one of our paid subscriptions and are thinking about downgrading your account, you'll lose access to certain tools and features that aren't available on our lower tiers or free plans.

We've put together some of the key things to bear in mind when reconsidering your VideoAsk plan:

Steps and features

If you downgrade to our free Start plan, you'll only be able to create videoasks with a maximum of three steps. Any existing videoasks in your account will continue to work but paid features such as branding you've added may be affected or removed.

You won't be able to add more steps to your existing videoasks (if they already contain three or more steps) or edit them outside of the limits available on your new plan. For more detailed information on what each plan includes, check out our pricing page.

Responses and conversations

You'll still have access to all the responses you've collected, as well as the follow-up conversations you've had with your respondents, no matter which plan you downgrade to. You'll always have access to your responses unless you delete them directly or delete your VideoAsk account.

Processing minutes

If you go over the limit of processing minutes included in your plan, we'll continue processing video/audio for you but you'll be required to upgrade or wait until your minutes renew to view video and audio responses you receive.

Your processing counter will reset each month or year (depending on whether you're on a monthly or yearly plan) according to your sign-up or subscription date.

For example, if you sign up for a monthly plan on March 24, 2022, your counter will reset on April 24, 2022.

Please contact our Support team by hitting the Contact Support button at the bottom of this page if you need to check your sign-up date.

Unused minutes don't carry over to the next month or year. Find out more about how processing minutes are calculated.

Note: Your respondents' experience won't be affected if you run out of processing minutes. They'll still be able to record videos and submit them as normal.

We understand that business needs are constantly changing and we try to make both upgrading and downgrading as hassle-free as we can.

If you're still unsure about which plan would fit you best, we'd love to have a discussion about your individual needs and use case to help you figure it out. Just hit the Contact Support button at the bottom of this page to kick off the conversation with our Support team.

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