Experiencing problems? Try these troubleshooting steps.

Create a videoask step with an image or text

Each videoask step requires a video prompt as well as an answer type. Each time you create a new step or new videoask, you'll be prompted to select where you want to create or upload the video prompt from.

You can find out more about video source options here.

Any files you upload must be in .mp4, .mov, or .webm format and no larger than 500 MB. It's currently not possible to upload an image file.

However, if you don't want to record your own video and you want to ask your questions in text format or use an image, here are a few alternative ideas: 

Export a static image as a video in a video-editing software

Use a video-editing software to convert your image into a video file. VideoAsk will interpret your image as a video, but it will appear to respondents as a static image. 🎉

By default, a play button will still appear on the image. If you'd like to hide the play button from view, follow the instructions here.

Upload a "stock" video from the Pexels or Giphy library

If you don't want to upload your own image, but your flow doesn't require a static image either, browse through our Pexels and Giphy library to find the perfect visuals for your flow.

Find out more here.

Use a placeholder video

When you create a step in your videoask, you'll be asked to choose your video source. However, if you skip choosing a media file by clicking Add video later, VideoAsk will insert a simple, gray placeholder video.

The idea is that you'll swap this video out for your own, but if you're looking for a plain screen to add an overlay text question to, you can leave the placeholder video as it is.

The respondent experience will look something like this:


Use text to ask your question

If you want to ask questions or give prompts in text format instead of recording a video, use overlay text to insert any text you would like. You can use any of the suggested video alternatives from above and then add overlay text on top of any video. 

Below is an example of using overlay text to ask a question:


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